Monday, July 13, 2009


I have been doing homework for five hours straight, and I am not even half done. Our instructor for this online course tried to cheer us up by posting that after this week we would be half done. I hope I can live through the second half. My brain is getting tired. My mom is living with us for a couple of months. She had foot surgery on the 6th and will have the other foot operated on the 27th. The first week was tough because she a bad reaction to the pain medicine and was very ill. It has been nice having her here although our busy house is more crazy than her little Garden of Eden. Natalie was off today, so she painted her nails a pretty pink. Usually mom is cleaning or gardening, so her hands take a beating. She commented that they were getting soft and now well-manicured! I thought I would have a little more R and R this summer, but it has been pretty busy. We are going to try to take mom up to Island Park and relax some this week if I can ever get this unit on feedback finished. Last night we had this storm that was like a nature sky light show--it entertained us all for an hour.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Natalie in the Parade

We had a nice 4th of July. Natalie helped design and was on a float for Vogue. She looked really cute. We had a barbecue at our house afterwards. Brent came from Salt Lake and our friend Duane came from Island Park and stayed the night. The fireworks at the river were fabulous. Afterwards we went to Ryan and Ashley's for little fireworks. Ben and Aisha had so much fun. Ben liked his tank best. Aisha loved sparklers. The 4th is Natalie's favorite holiday.

4th of July Parade

These are some general parade pictures from the 4th. I really like the horses.